What's a DAME to do?!

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The best game I have ever played!


I recently attended my nursing reunion. We played the game for the first time and laughed ourselves silly. Truly the best game I have ever played.
- Jan, Nanaimo, BC




I never laughed so hard playing a game. My cheeks hurt!
- Steph


Great laughs!


Just got back from a girls trip and 8 of us had some great laughs playing this game!
-Carolyn, Clyde Hill, WA


Rolls of Laughter and Fun


Ever have something to share but don't know how? The Game What's a Dame to do will make the conversation with friends expand to rolls of laughter and fun.
- Angie, Harrisburg, IL


We laughed so much


My cousin had the game and us girl cousins and Aunts played it one evening. We laughed so much. It's one of the few games that I walked away thinking "I need to go buy this!!"


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