I absolutely love this game!


My roommates and I play every week when we're doing laundry. It's a weekly must!! We laugh so hard every single time. I think it brings us all closer together, you learn A LOT about your friends. Haha!


Worth every penny!


Although I’m trying not to spend too much money these days, this was a purchase I’m glad I made. My friends and I have already had hours of fun with this game. It’s sure to become a classic with our group. We all bring some snacks and wine and it makes for a cheap and fun girls' night in.
-KB,  Cashiers, NC


So much fun!


I first played “What’s a DAME to do?!” with my mother, aunt and sister at the beach…we couldn't get enough!! The men on vacation were so curious as to why we were having so much fun! I am getting this game for every DAME in my life this Christmas!
-Beth, NY


I plan to play it again and again.


Just wanted to say how much fun we’ve had playing this game! It’s great for a fun girl’s night. I plan to play it again and again, but I was just wondering if you plan to offer refill cards? I would be one of the first in line to purchase!


Not embarrassing


I really appreciate the tone of the game, especially compared to others I have seen. I liked the fact that it was not snarky and could be enjoyed without embarrassing anyone.  I can tell that there was a lot of thought put into the game.
- Dawn


Laughter 'til tears


At a recent girls' weekend with my sister, I was introduced to "What's a DAME to do?!" There were 6 of us, 4 of us were related, but 2 of us only my sister knew at all. It was a hilarious time of quick wit, fast thinking, laughter 'til tears and never ending fun!  I immediately ordered my own so I can play with my girlfriends at home, which I know will result in a raucous good time!
-Katie, Lima, NY


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