The Dames Behind The Games

s2incTwo sisters, Kerri and Patti, are the brains behind games for dames™ and their premiere board game, What’s a DAME to do?!™.  Raised in the Midwest but now living on opposite coasts, Patti is a wife, mother and business woman residing in California, while Kerri is an acupuncturist and former art director for a women’s sportswear company, now living in Pennsylvania.

The two come from a game playing family (no one can beat their Dad at charades) and spent much of their childhood playing games—either existing ones—or ones they made up.  As teenagers, their favorite game to play with girlfriends was "Kings," a card game that predicted who you would marry.   (Any of you gals remember this one?  Each king in a regular deck of cards represented a guy you knew or a "Mystery Man.")  Patti always ended up with the Mystery Man (she married a man from Ireland) and Kerri, since she's still single, should probably break out a deck and get the latest info!

They continued their gaming ways through their college years and beyond.  One day while Kerri was visiting Patti, they found themselves in the mood for a good game but couldn’t find one that wasn’t strictly for kids, couples or keg parties.  What they wanted was a game like their old favorite, a game just for females, but adult females.  So they went ahead and created one.

Polite friends and family said the game was fun, but even Kerri and Patti found it pretty darn boring.  So they went back to the drawing board quite a few times until one day they came up with what they believed would be a hit….based on the fact that they couldn’t stop laughing and that their mom stayed up playing it until 2 a.m.!  That’s how What’s a DAME to do?!™ was born.

What’s a DAME to do?!™ is the premiere game in their growing line of games for dames™.