Game Details

"The perfect game for all girly get togethers!"

The hilarious "Guess what she would do?" game just for women!  So easy and fun to play!  Take a look.... Use your intuition to guess how players would react to 'dame dilemmas.'  For example--

You see an Ex at the grocery store 2 aisles away and you are NOT looking your best, what's a DAME to do?!® 

The answer is in the cards!  The laughter begins when players look over their hand of Reaction Cards and give you answers that they think fit the bill.  Extra points for giving hilarious reactions too!  Would you --

Hide in the bathroom?  Suck in your stomach?  Have a little chat?  Put on your sunglasses?  Yell fire?  Stop, drop and roll??

You secretly choose your answer, then players guess what you chose.  All you need is female intuition and humor.  Who guessed you best?  Get out the tasty treats and fave drinks and find out!
 Just $24.99 for endless nights of entertainment!
 For 2-8 players of the female persuasion / Ages 18+
 Easy to play, low-tech fun!
 "It's like 'Sex and the City' meets 'Oprah!' "
"Not embarrassing or snarky - just fun with some funny innuendos."
"I found it to be just as fun as an ice-breaker as with friends I know well, or both."
We gave the game a facelift - same cards as in the previous box design - not a new edition, just nipped & tucked for extra fun!