Girlfriends, the key to sanity – Schedule a girls' night today!


Girlfriends, what would we do without them? These Wondergals keep us sane! They do what chocolate and chardonnay cannot fully accomplish...they can calm us down, get us excited and make us laugh all in one conversation if necessary, with no added pounds or hangover. Facebook is good but face time is better!

A recent study found that satisfying friendships predict longevity better than even close family ties, and they can protect against obesity, depression and heart disease among other health problems. 

So why not schedule a good ol' girls' night? There are so many ways to have a great time whether you are going out or staying in.


I don't know about you, but I don't laugh enough.  And to me, games are the best way to create not only laughter, but sometimes even riotous--can't catch your breath--laughter.  Or as a good friend of mine calls it, 'cross your legs kind of laughter.'  That's the reason we created What's a DAME to do?! ®   Just add yummy snacks and beverages and you've got a fun night in the making. And if you're a group that likes an alcoholic drink or two, it will only up the hilarity. But it's not necessary, if your friends are fun, you'll have fun!

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